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Cock Sounding video – Shane Frost, Angelo Marconi

Last updated: May 29th, 2017

Hi there! We are back and tonight is Shane Frost and Angelo Marconi’s turn to entertain you with their crazy hot cock sounding moves. The horny hunks are going to show us a little about their way of pleasuring the cock on camera as they engage in this masochistic fucking session. Grab a seat and watch the two bastards rubbing their cocks with some big rod inside and exploding all over each other.

The hunks are starting the scene completely naked. The two will rub those large cocks until they are hard as a rock, then they get to some serious business. Watch the putting on the black rubber gloves and grabbing some long hard rods for some dick sounding. They will jerk off while the rod goes in moaning loudly in both pleasure and pain. Those cocks are craving for some masochistic excitement ad tonight the hunks will make sure they satisfy those needs. The two sexperts will show us a little about rough sex, working on those cocks as the rod goes in. Jerking hard and fast until they takes those rods out just moment before shooting out the creamy load. I guarantee this is something you do not see every day. Enjoy, you little perverts! Also you might visit the site and see some handsome gay guys in hardcore sex scenes!

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Cock Sounding Video – Tony Buff and Jesse Santana

Hi there! It is time for another update and this week’s cock sounding videos will be star by Tony Buff and his hot buddy, Jesse Santana. The hunks fells in the mood for some masochistic pleasure, so they came around to pleasure their needs on our cameras. They will have their urethra penetrated by some long rods and jerked off until the cum is exploding all over the place.

Well, the two always prefers that pain and pleasure feeling. That is what they confessed. Sounding and catheter play was something they do for awhile now. So here they are, both in the same scene, ready to insert rods into each other’s pee hole. Watch Tony sliding the ribbed sound deep inside his cock, then Jesse will help him a little. The two sexperts will show us what fine sex actually means. Watch them going deep into their urethra until there’s only one small part of the rod showing. They will wildly jerk off, working over the rode which will be seen only through the skin. Both takes out the sound just moment before shooting out their nasty jizz. Enjoy, everyone! If you can’t wait until the next week’s video, visit the site and watch some handsome gay guys getting roughly hammered!

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Hard cock gets sounded

We have here a horny couple who wanted to share with  us their way of having really good time together. These cock sounding videos presents these two stud who will give each other one special treatment. Watch the horny guy having his cock hole stretched by one long piece of rod. His partner will make sure he’ll satisfy his need of masochistic pleasure. Watch and learn.


So the two are on our screens for the first time, but I got the feeling that they will be back after this amazing scene. They start pretty slowly, kissing and touching, taking off the clothes and getting hard. With a start like this one you’ve never thought that they intent to do that hardcore urethral insertion on each other. As the cock was hand and ready for action, one of them laid on his back and waited for the special treatment. His buddy grabbed a long rode and inserted it down his pee hole, making that hunk moaning loudly in both pleasure and pain. Will grab that electrified machine which send vibration and will connect it to that rode from the cock. Watch that lucky dude enjoying every second as his buddy turn on the machine, going faster and faster with it. They sure know how to have some real fun. Just hit the link bellow for more. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed. If you’re looking for more, check out some like em straight pictures and see some gorgeous straight men getting nailed! Also you can check out the blog and see some horny twinks getting nailed!

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Cock Sounding – Hot guy in urethral insertion

Who is ready for some smoking hot cock sounding pics from our last scene? Let me introduce you this hot guy named Ryan who will show us a little about his innocent pleasures. HE has a great passion for masochistic pleasures and tonight he came around just to teach us a little about that. We are always eager to watch new studs in action as they always bring something new to our scenes.

Anyway, Ryan wanted to do everything as it suppose to be done. The crazy hot guy took his hot outfit and started to show us a little about dick sounding. He grabbed that long and hard rod as his cock was already craving after some masochistic pleasure, throbbing in the air. He inserted the rod down his pee hole, but one end came out of that cock helmet. Watch him sticking his cock with the rode only for our viewing delight. He’ll pull it up and this time will go down on his hole while stroking the cock. He loves that intense feeling and pleasure and pain. Watch him giving a whole new meaning to self satisfaction. Follow the link bellow and watch the crazy stud rubbing his tool until the balls are releasing that creamy jizz all over his black gloves. Enjoy, everyone and see ya all next time with fresh content. Have fun with Ryan till then! Also you might watch some breed it raw porn videos and see some horny black dudes in hardcore gay sex videos and pics! If you can’t wait until the next week’s post, check out the blog and see some sexy teens getting their tight holes stretched to the limits!


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Hardcore pee hole insertion

Another great week has passed and we are back with others amazing cock sounding scene starring our crazy masochistic guys. These dudes will give pleasure to themselves only by inserting some rod or stick down their pee hole while the cock is hard as rock. That mix of pain and pleasure will make them living the most amazing moments on our cameras. Watch and drool, you little perverts.

This dude knows how to give himself pleasure better than anyone else, that’s why he will perform solo tonight. Watch the crazy stud sliding that steel stick into his cock hole as it craves after masochistic excitement. He will go deep inside, then he’ll rub his tool while moaning loudly. Just watch him ruthlessly sounding his cock and jerking off like that until it spews the biggest load of cum all over his slutty hands. He is crazy about jerking off in front of the video camera, just like the guys from the naked athletes blog! He always loved sounding and catheter games and he said that next time he’ll cum with more. He wants to show how far he ca take everything and will be here once again soon enough for that. Do not waste anymore time in reading this, just hit the link bellow if you really wanna see him pleasuring himself in that incredible cock sounding way. By the way, if you wanna see some hot college guys fucking one another’s tight ass, check out the site!


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Cock Sounding – Horny guy in sounding scene

We are back and we brought your some amazing cock sounding pics from our last scene. This manly dude came around for a solo scene as he loves giving himself pain and pleasure at the same time. Watch him getting almost naked and doing some masochistic things  while wearing the leather outfit and the black latex gloves. Watch and learn, everyone!

The horny hunk confessed that no one can push himself into pain farther then himself and he loves playing rough when it comes to self satisfying. Watch him pulling out the cock and rubbing it fats just to get it hard as a rock. He’ll grab right after that a long rod for some deep, aggressive sounding. Watch the crazy stud jerking off while the rod goes in, offering these unforgettable moments or you can check like em straight website to see more nasty gays enjoying their first fisting experience. He will not stop until some nasty jizz is moisturizing those talented hands. Watch him going hard and sounding his tool like this is the last day on Earth. That twisted fetish star will show us a little about maximum pleasure by pleasuring himself in that masochistic way. He will have the asshole also stretched tonight, so let’s not waste anymore time and let’s see what he did for us back on our website where the entire scene can be found. See you all next time with fresh content.


Watch this guy sliding a ribbed rod in his cock hole!

Guys in cum control scene

Who is ready for fresh cock sounding videos? Since you are here I want you to enjoy watching these two crazy studs giving themselves some masochistic pleasure by inserting a rod down their pee hole, then rubbing that cock in front of the cameras until it spews all the jizz the balls held. Just get ready for a boner watch them going rough for your viewing delight.


The two hunks are perfect for a night like this one. They will show us a little about fine sex. They enjoy taking everything at his maximum, especially when they are horny. So watch them inserting the rod and getting ready for some deep, aggressive dick sounding. Watch them stroking the cock after scratching with the rod the deep itch that dude had down his cock. They will also release a huge amount of semen for the great ending after both strokes hard the cock, wearing their black hand gloves, one of them rubbing it up and down while the other one was squeezing it the base. Just hit the link bellow for more and how far these two can get with their masochistic, aggressive scene, or visit the site and see other horny gays jerking off!


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Guy in cock sounding action

Another crazy dude came around to tech us at cock sounding a little about maximum pleasure of dick sounding. That crazy stud took of his clothes in front of the camera, exposing one amazing hot body right before he’ll go for some masochistic pleasure. Just grab a seat and watch the horny handsome stud doing his thing on camera only for our viewing delight. Watch and learn!

Well, the dude over here can push himself into pain better than anyone else, that’s why he wanted to do this solo scene. He knows his limits and will show us today a little about them. After getting the cock hard as a rock, the stud grabbed the balls into that nice device just to be sure he’ll feel fully pleasure. Watch him grabbing a long rod and inserting into down his pee hole. He will pull the rod up and down after the insertion just to feel those vibrations all over his cock. Watch the crazy guy stroking the tool while having the rod deep inside. This one cannot be missed. Just grab a seat and enjoy him giving himself maximum pleasure. See ya all next time with fresh content. I’ll leave you till them in his company. I’m sure he’ll know how to entertain. If you’re looking for more action, check out the site and see some sexy Latino guys getting wild! Also if you liked this scene and you wanna see other gorgeous guys jerking off their big cocks, check out the site! Have fun and see you soon!

cock-sounding-galleries-guy-sounding-his-cock cock-sounding-galleries-guy-sounding-his-cock-2

Watch this horny guy sounding his cock and cumming!

Hardcore urethral insertion

Hi there! We are back and we have for you a fresh cock sounding scene  starring these two studs who are ready to show off a little about their masochistic skills by inserting rod or wire on their cock hole. Watch the hot males experiencing their most intense sexual pleasure after sounding their cocks on our cameras. Just make comfortable and see exactly what I’m talking about.

That cut stud loves giving pain while the other one will go for masochistic excitement any time of the day. So we out the together in one room just to see what would happen. The two chained themselves, then started the real action. Watch the two starting by stoking their cock a little in front of the camera. After one got his cock hard as a rock, the other one grabbed the sounding rod and slide it slowly into his cock, making him moaning in both pleasure and pain. He will rub that cock after the insertion, giving to his partner some unforgettable memories. He will end up spraying his nasty cum all over his partner cute face. Hit the link bellow for more and see how the two satisfied their masochistic needs. If you wanna see some straight guys getting fucked for the fist time, enter the site!


See this guy sliding a ribbed rod in that pee hole!

Sounding and anal insertion

Hi there! I hope you are ready for some fresh scenes as we are back with the hottest cock sounding videos from the week that just passed. Two crazy guys with a great passion for masochistic pleasure engage in this gay scene and they are ready to give a whole new meaning to dildo fucking. Just watch that dude screaming in both pleasure and pain as his buddy shows no mercy for his ass after inserting the long wire into his cock hole!

Let’s watch him starting by stroking hard his tool in front of the camera just to get it rock hard. He loves the masochistic games and it seems like he just found the perfect partner for that. Our stud will show no mercy for his ass or cock, because he also loves giving pain. After crazy dude inserted that rod down his cock hole, he spread the legs and buttocks for some anal penetration, having this itch deep down there which needs some serious scratching. His buddy will offer him the scratching after inserting the steel dildo deep inside him. The great finale will present him spraying out the biggest load. Watch and drool, everyone. Also, cum inside if you want more cock sounding. The two did other crazy and painful games that cannot be missed. Wanna see other hot guys getting their asses stuffed? Join the site! Also you might visit the site and see some gorgeous dudes making out!


See this guy getting a sounding and a rough anal fuck!